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  1. Wonderful! actually I`ve heard that the first sentence in UK is "I can read and write"! so this is not the fact, is this?
  2. Thank you, would you please tell me where are you from? and is that sentence the first full sentence you`ve learnt? because that`s really hard for first grade primary school!
  3. Thank you. actually it`ll be depend on the area! would you please tell me where are you from?
  4. Hi everybody, I'm looking for the first sentences that children learn in primary schools from elementary-book in different languages in different countries. For example Iranian children usually learn first sentence: "بابا آب داد، بابا نان داد" Means "Dad takes water, Dad takes bread", in Georgian: "Ai ia - აი ია" (voila, this is a violet), in Spanish: " Mi mamá me mima" (My mom spoils me). I just wanna know the sentence not just words. Please send me phrases in original language and also in English. Every phrase in every language will be very helpful for me
  5. That`s really fantastic topic. I`m Iranian and the first sentence in our country is: "بابا آب داد" means: " Father takes water" and "بابا نان داد" means: "Father takes Bread"! I wanna know first sentence in English and Japanese schools.
  6. Are you English? I`ve heard the the first sentence in English schools is "I can Read and Write", isn`t it?
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