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  1. I am temporarily offering free lessons and/or tutoring in French, Spanish, and/or English. I have been tutoring for the past 3 to 4 years, but I am wanting to start taking on more students than I have in the past. These free lessons are going to be a good way for me to attract new students, while allowing me to further hone in on my teaching abilities. I have been studying French for the past 19 years, and Spanish for the past 7. I have majored in both languages in university, and I have spent 10 months attending school in France, and 3 months living in Chile/Peru. Because of this, I hav
  2. Hi everyone. I currently tutor a few people via Skype in French, Spanish, and English. Often the people that I tutor ask me if I can recommend any video resources for them, so I have started making video resources on a YouTube channel called "Azren the Language Nerd". So far, it has been going decently. However, I am having some challenges with creating videos around vocabulary! I have now had 2 of my ESL students ask me to make videos about English vocabulary on YouTube. I am struggling to think of a way to create meaningful & helpful videos to help people improve vocabulary in a vid
  3. Personally, I am most interested in the sounds behind a language. When I am learning a language, my biggest focus is being able to nail the pronunciation so that I can, at a minimum, sound native even if I am not 100% fluent. I am also interested in learning languages because I love traveling & immersing myself into different cultures
  4. Hi! I'm enjoying Mandarin to be honest. I am nowhere near fluent as of right now, but I will be in China for the entire fall (I leave very shortly) and I'll be returning home right around Christmas. I'll be attending a Chinese school while I am there, while touring around of course. I feel like this will really help me to improve. I'd like to become relatively fluent by the time I return home. I had a few quick questions for you actually, since you are currently in China. I am assuming that linguaholic isn't a blocked website in China since you're commenting on this? Or do you have a VPN
  5. Hi everyone! My name is Azren, and I am new to this forum. Languages have always played an important role in my life. When I was a child, I attended a French school, spoke English with my friends, and Gujarati with my family. That being said, my passion for languages didn't really start until I was about 15 years old when I went on a 3 month exchange trip to France. After coming back, I was hooked. When I turned 16, I started studying Spanish, while still attending a French school. After graduating from High School, I went to university where I majored in French & Spanish. For the pa
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