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  1. Good point! I have decided to learn French for now. That's not to say I won't learn the others - i think Spanish especially would be very useful - but for now, I am more passionate about French. I've also noticed that more gaming studios are in France, as opposed to south America or Spain. It's a harder language so it might be better to also start with French before Italian or Spanish. Thanks everyone for the advice. It's all been very helpful!
  2. Thank you all again for the advice! I've been trying out Spanish a little on Memrise this week, and I've found it so much easier than French haha. My friend is insisting that although Spanish is the second most spoken language, it's not as common in game development, and there's not many game development studios in South America compared to Europe (where Ubisoft is!). I am considering just doing Spanish until my Spanish colleague's visa ends, and then continuing with French until my trip overseas (where I think I am going to visit Spain, possibly). Would that be a bad idea to do Spanish for awhile then pick it up next year - would I forget most of it?
  3. Thanks everyone for the responses! Haha yeah, I felt a little awkward asking what language to learn at first @lushlala, (it's such an open ended question). I am considering doing French for the rest of the week and then maybe trying out Spanish for a little while. In the end, yes it does come down to what I would enjoy learning the most, otherwise I will struggle to learn. I'm a bit hesitant to try Spanish as I have been learning French a little already, but I don't think I can rule it out until I've tried it! I think I will enquire with some colleagues also as to how useful Spanish with would be in game the games development industry.
  4. Haha I'm a girl! But thanks for the advice. After hearing that does it change your advice at all? I think it would be good to learn something I can speak with a colleague everyday I guess.
  5. Hi all! Looking for advice on what language to learn. I'm considering going overseas to Italy or Spain next year, but only for about a week, and I don't think I should make a country travel decision based on what language I know, but maybe something to keep in mind. Key info: French: I have already started learning some basic French. I have an office job where my colleague is French, so I can speak French with him at least 5 days a week. I don't know if this is the best choice as I feel like a lot of French speak English anyway? Italian: learnt some basic stuff on Italian for 6 months way back in highschool. Have a friend in another state who speaks Italian, but we only talk about once a week Spanish: A colleague speaks Spanish, but her visa ends in October so I don't know how useful that would be. My friend suggested Spanish might not be very useful considering I am working in the game development industry. I would like to learn a language for: General knowledge/intelligence/show off! (let's be honest here) Possible work skills. I am a Player Support Expert, and may move up to Community Management or something higher in communications, so a widely spoken language might be useful So yeah! Even if you would suggest another language, based on the above, no problem. I don't really think I'm keen on learning an Asian language, however. Thanks heaps in advance!
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