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    Hello there! I'm Federica, italian and I loooove learning new languages. I've studied English since I was a kid I understand everything but still, somehow, I feel like I need to perfect my exposition. You know, long, complicated sentences typical of my mother tongue that I can't shake off completely, and all that... I also kinda, sorta studied French for 8 years, but I don't feel confident with it at all. I might know the grammar pretty well, but it just doesn't flow naturally. I understand Spanish 'cause I have relatives who speak it, but I can't say more than a few words, a couple of sentences at best, but I'd love to learn it a little bit. I'm also fascinated by japanese and russian, but I'm not doing much about it outside of babbel or some similar app lol so I'll see if this forum can help. Read you around!
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