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  1. Hi all, I concocted the following lines to help me increase my vocabulary using rhyme as a memory aid. The question is: is it a valid chinese sentence or can the rhyme be improved? 你 可以 靶 你 的 方法 吗 ? Ni3 ke3yi3 ba3 ni3 de xue2xi2fang1fa3 ma? Can you choose your study methods? Thank you, schnahz
  2. Hi Yujing. thank you for posting. I hope you won't mind a correction I would say " If you have a plan for learning Chinese" I will be in touch soon. Best regards, Schnahz
  3. Hi all, I just learned the tudo bom! Portuguese greeting today - How's everything. I could not resist using it. I am very happy and grateful for all the language learning opportunities on here at linguaholics and it so happens that I've been working on something for Spanish speakers who are learning English. It is here. soundcloud.com/John-Viarengo best wishes to all.
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