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  1. You should definitely go to a Spanish-speaking country to learn Spanish! I am from Ohio, and have studied Spanish at high school. However, in the 2 years I have been here my Spanish has progressed MUCH more rapidly. Plus- there are other factors to consider when learning a new language- stuff that is very different from what you will learn in a controlled environment such as a classroom. Confidence, courage, recovering from making mistakes, embarrassment, accents, colloquilaisms...etc! But if you are concerned about the cost of going to Spain- go to South America! Or even California! So m
  2. Hi everyone, I am new to this site and I am so glad to be here to share materials! I have attached my two lessons on learning vocabulary. The first is a presentation on what things are important for learning a new word (parts of speech, synonyms etc) and the second is a deeper look into what collocations are and how we use them. Enjoy! I post weekly on our blog if you like what you see! FCE writing, grammar etc.! http://the-language-corner.com/news/ LearniNG-VOCAB2.pdf Learning Vocab-collocations.pdf
  3. Here is the secret to learning and remembering vocabulary. Follow this formula, and for every one word you learn, you will learn at least 5 more including phrasal verbs, idioms and more... LearniNG-VOCAB2.pdf
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