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  1. Since isolating languages use no inflection & no helper words like modal verbs, how would an isolating language express a modal verb such as "I may dwell"? In the Arby's phrase "grass-fed beef", "grass" is a noun, "fed" is the past participle of the verb "feed". Participles can act as adjectives. Nouns can act as adjectives as in "apartment building". They are called attributive nouns. So, the phrase "grass-fed" is acting like an adjective & modifying the noun "beef". Since an isolating language uses no inflections & helper words, how would it express the Arby's phrase?
  2. Well, it's been a week since I posted a question to this forum followed by 2 requests to answer the question. It's not looking to good for this forum, in my opinion!
  3. Hello, again! Why hasn't my question been answered?
  4. Hello? Would someone please answer my question?
  5. How does German translate the English "whoever", "whomever" & "whosever"? Does it use the definite article for those as well? I know that it uses the definite article for "who", "whom" & "whose".
  6. YAY! Thank you. I'll check it out. I hope that this forum succeeds & survives & prospers! Apologies to Spock! Qapla' as the Klingon say! I know that I have a lot of questions.
  7. What's the latest on creating a conlang forum? My reply was almost a year ago. I hope that it comes to pass.
  8. What's the status on creating a conlang forum?
  9. YAY! I hope that the conlang forum is successful.
  10. YAY! Just got the message from Blaveloper. I am going to create such a section after Christmas. Hope that is ok for you. That's fine with me. I hope that it is successful. I'm on another language forum & they have a conlang section.
  11. I hope that it comes to pass. It would be neat to learn Klingon, Vulcan, Na'vi, etc.
  12. I don't see a forum on conlangs. I'd love to create a conlang. I've spent hours on YouTube & Wikipedia & Google learning about languages & grammar & syntax. I've come up with ideas. Coming up with a grammar & syntax is fairly easy. It's coming up with a vocabulary that's hard! So, I hope a conlang forum & specific conlang sub-forums are added.
  13. I went to YouTube & researched the Dutch language. Some say it is easy to pronounce & some say it isn't. Some of the diphthongs have a similar pronunciation. Afrikaans is similar to Dutch. Personally, I find the German pronunciation easier to learn than Dutch.
  14. I apologize for my remarks. I have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth. Unfortunately, patience isn't one of my virtues. This is Google's translation of "Ik vind forums leuk, omdat ik daar veel aan heb, want er zijn veel leden." I think forums like because I have that much, because there are many members. How accurate a translation is that? I think that German is a neat language in the way it does syntax, but it is difficult to learn because of the cases & syntax. I've spent hours on Wikipedia & YouTube & the internet learning about languages & grammar & syntax because I'd love to create a language. So now I'm a member on 2 language forums!
  15. A week ago I asked a question. I have yet to receive an answer. Why hasn't my question been answered? Your forum isn't the only German language forum on the internet. Is this the way that you treat all members of this forum? Since you haven't bothered to answer my question, I'll ask the question on another German language forum.
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