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  1. I have noticed something interesting to me. Over the past 10 or so years, I have been exposed to German in 2 main contexts, studying German vocabulary and seeing German words in music. This exposure has been relatively low(after all, it isn't like I live in a German speaking community). And yet, I can still understand German words that I haven't even heard or seen before. For example, this word: I can translate into this: And yet, I have never seen or heard this German word being used. I have a hypothesis as to why I am able to understand and even translate a German wor
  2. It has been suggested to me that since I am starting with the proto-lang as far as making my conlang is concerned, that likewise, when I get to the writing system, I should start with the most complicated to learn of them all, the logography. It is so intimidating to me though. I mean, at minimum, you would still have hundreds of characters, all of which look unique. At maximum you would have tens of thousands of characters like in Chinese. Speaking of which, I think making a logography that is completely unique from any existing logography from ancient civilizations is hard. On the one hand,
  3. There have been 2 languages that always interested me. Those are French and German. I'm wondering which one to do deeper study on. Each one has their pros and cons French Pros -Often considered to be easier than German for English speakers -I love the beauty of the language -I already know some basic words -Rolled R is easy peasy for me Cons -Uvular R is very tricky for me -Knowing when to spell with an accent marking might be hard -No structure to the grammatical gender, so I simply h
  4. I don't know which one to study first. I know they are both Romance languages(latin based) so they will be relatively easy. I am in college and I don't need to know a foreign language for the degree I plan to get so that isn't a problem. I like French better personally(maybe it is because of the accent but nevertheless I like French better). But French is much less common in the USA and while I have wanted to travel to France ever since I was 9 years old(so that is for me, about 9 years of wanting to travel to France), I have never gotten to go for these reasons: 1) My
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