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  1. Hello I am from India. I understand you, I have the similar problem. I have fear to speak in English because my vocabulary and speaking skills aren't very good. I found some online teaching companies. Now I am learning English at Verbalplanet.com, and my teacher talks excellently in English although it is not her native tongue, she studied English at the university. At first I was affraid of speaking but she was very friendly and made me talk about things I am interested in. It helped me a lot. Greetings.
  2. Hi everyone! I am new member here. I would like to say a little about my learning experience online. I registered at the Verbalplanet website. I want to improve my English. You can choose tutors there. My tutor was ma'am Nada. She was really friendly and patient. We practiced vocabulary. I really like the session. The website is not very expensive. The first lesson is free which is great. I will definitely keep going to classes and I recommend Verbalplanet for people who want to learn language from their homes.
  3. Hi Tanya! Excellent introduction. I would like to learn English better so I signed in to Verbalplanet website and had one free lesson there. It was great! My teacher Nada was very kind and friendly. I plan to keep going to her lessons to learn more
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