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  1. A good approach is to learn 5 to 10 words a day, then review them 2 weeks later and then (I believe) 6 months later. I read this somewhere years ago, not sure where though, but to me it makes perfect sense. After all you want to make sure the words stick in your long-term memory. I admire anybody who can memorize 10 or more words a day, that is a great achievement.
  2. Hello guys, If anyone is interested in German lessons via skype or webex for a reasonable price, just let me know. I have been working as a teacher for German as a foreign language since 2011 and I have 2 years of online tutoring experience. My skype is: katharina_doerfler, Let's have a chat and I can give you more details (references, teaching materials, availability etc) I offer a free trial lesson and loyality discounts. Cheers, Katharina
  3. I like the expression, too. They use it in the German intro for Tom and Jerry.
  4. Hey smsst, I suppose you already handed in your paper. Sounds good, some mistakes, but not too many. What level are you in? I suppose at least A2, because you used one subordinate phrase. Careful, "mit" is a Dativ preposition ("mit meiner Familie"). Cheers, Katharina
  5. Hello Tdyoug, How are you getting on with your German? I suppose that your girlfriend is German? I would suggest that you exclusively talk to her in German. It might be a little annoying at first (conversations take longer etc),but this is really the best way. I have experienced this myself. I highly recommend this website: http://www.dw.com/de/deutsch-lernen/s-2055 and this series: Try to study a bit every day and make learning fun. Kind regards, Katharina
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