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  1. Well, some of you have noted that you would like to know some of the Latin sayings and I have chosen a few of my favourites. The translations I have provided for these sayings are not the official translations. If you want those, you can easily find them by typing in the proverb in Latin. The translations are accurate, though. I was careful to capture the essence of what had been said in the proverb. So, without any further ado: Dicta et sententiae 1. O tempora, o mores! Oh what times, oh what customs! (or Alas ...!) 2. Post nubila Phoebus. After the clouds comes Phoebus (Sun). 3. Bis dat, qui cito dat. He who gives fast, gives twice. 4. Licentia poetica. The freedom of the poet. 5. Amor magister est optimus. Love is the best teacher. 6. Aurora musis amica. The dawn is the friend of the muses. 7. Gloria discipuli, gloria magistri. The glory of the student is the glory of the teacher. 8. Periculum in mora. There is a danger in delay. 9. Fama volat. Lit. The tale flies. i.e. The rumours circulate fast. 10. Ab ovo. From the egg. 11. Repetitio est mater studiorum. Repetition is the mother of knowledge. 12. Sapienti sat. To the wise man, it is enough. 13. Omnia vincit amor. Love conquers all. 14. Omnia praeclara rara. Everything rare is amazing. 15. Mens sana in corpore sano. Sane mind in the sane body. 16. Usus magister egregius. Experience is the best teacher. 17. Res, non verba. Act, don’t say. 18. Aquila non capit muscas. The eagle doesn’t hunt flies. 19. Festina lente! Make haste slowly. 20. Divide et impera! Divide and conquer. 21. Parce tempori! Save time! 22. Cave canem! Beware the dog! 23. Carpe diem! Seize the day! 24. Vade mecum! Come with me! 25. Servus meus liber esto! Let my slave be free! 26. Omnia mea mecum porto. Lit. I carry everything that’s mine with me. 27. Sapiens omnia sua secum portat. Lit. The wise carries everything that’s his with him. 28. Quod nocet, saepe docet. That which harms will often teach. 29. Margaritas ante porcos. (Throw) Pearls in front of pigs. 30. Inter nos. Between us. 31. Pars pro toto. Part for whole. 32. In memoriam. In the memory. 33. In melius. In peius. In good. In evil /bad. 34. In spe. In hope.
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