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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone! My name Tatum. Its such a pleasure to meet you! I have a TEFL/TESOL certification and specialize in teaching the basics of English such as vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. My main method of teaching is Conversational English. I teach Beginners to Advanced learners. Adults and children that are in need of English tutoring. I OFFER A FREE 20 MINUTE TRAIL CLASS to get to know your learning goals and how I can help you to achieve them. HERE IS A LINK TO MY TUTOR PROFILE PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF YOU WOULD BE INTERESTED IN A CLASS OR BOOK A 20 MINUTE FREE TRAIL LESSON WITH ME. PROFILE LINK: https://www.classgap.com/me/tatum-moffett
  2. Hello everyone! I am here to offer my tutoring services to you. I offer 1 on 1 private English lessons. FREE 20 minute trail class. There are also more affordable lesson packages! I also provide helpful tips to make learning easy and fun! I tutor beginners to anyone wanting to improve their English vocabulary. Here is a link to my tutor profile:https://www.classgap.com/me/tatum-moffett Feel free to send me a message or to book a trail lesson with me, for free!
  3. We have created a series of word search books with handwriting practice pages. There are 12 books in total and every book has a different puzzle, so you can have fun racing your friends to finish it and you cant copy your friend! You can practice handwriting and learn sentence structure and also try to pair the words from the puzzle such as Listen-Hear, Bird-Nest, One-First, Dog-Barks etc. The books are on amazon and can be viewed here, https://www.bklnk.com/B09WPW7C11 Any feedback is much appreciated, thanks
  4. Dear ELL Community, I would love to get your feedback about a method I’ve been using to teach English, for which I am creating an online course. My background is in the performing arts and I’ve been teaching English to students of all ages, from all over the world using acting exercises and performance texts. Instead of using textbooks, I use performance scripts, films, Ted Talks and literature that show the rhythm of English speech. Classes begin with a vocal warm-up (which is often silly and makes people laugh!), then vocal pronunciation exercises. After this, we apply pronunciation techniques to a text to create a character and short performance. We use our voice and bodies, and through the process, learn phonetic grammar rules. I’m working on offering my courses online and I would love to know: 1. Is this something you are interested in? 2. Would you like to help me by testing a course and giving feedback? If yes, leave a comment below or go to my website (below) and enter your email. I’m still working on things but once I have the courses ready, I’ll email you to let you know. Thanks so much! https://katecreative.wixsite.com/actforenglish
  5. We're growing our #Slack community of language teachers who'd like to share resources and materials! Join now!
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