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How are you planning to learn Dutch?


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Hello everyone!  I'm trying to learn Dutch, because I might be moving to the Netherlands after a while, and is really necessary for me to learn the language. Over here they don't offer Dutch language courses, so I will have to learn Dutch on my own.  I have the Pimsleur audio course, so I pray to G-d that's enough :P  If not, I'm sure my boyfriend will find the way to help me out!

I'm not nervious tho, because it seems I'm  good at learning languages on my own anyway ;) I learn english on my own when I was just 16. So I might be able to do the same with Dutch!

How are you guys planning to learn Dutch?  Are you taking classes already or you have bought a course??

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Hi! I live in the Netherlands for 14 years now. I was born in the USA, in 1992. We moved to the Netherlands in 2006, after my mother met my stepfather. I was 14 at the time, and I didn't speak a single word Dutch. Believe it or not, in less than 2 (!) years I spoke Dutch fluently (with a little English accent, though). Dutch isn't that hard to learn. The grammar can be a little bit tricky sometimes, but once you understand the basics of it, you will learn to speak the language fluently very quick.

A benefit of the Dutch language is that it is very similar too German. Once you know Dutch, or vica versa, it's very easy to learn German as well. A few examples of Dutch words and German words:

Dutch: Hallo (Hallo)

German: Hallo

Dutch: Goedenmorgen (Goodmorning)

German: Gutenmorgen

Dutch: leren (to learn)

German: Lernen

I suggest you to really try to learn the language. If you really want to learn it, then it isn't difficult. If you haven't start that Pimsleur audio course  yet, start right now.

Motivation is the key to succes.

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Hi Nicky!  Thank you so much for the lenghty reply!!  I'm starting to feel really motivated to start learning Dutch... I think the best way to show my love is with my actions rather than my words.  So I might start learning Dutch soon, I was doing so before, but I lost my motivation (plus I work full time). 

I'll try to take at least 20 to 30 minutes everyday... I have my Pimseleur course already, so I better use it :)  I really want to show him I'm willing to learn the language, and maybe impress his parents :) 

Thanks for sharing your story :)  I hope my lovE story ends the same way as your mom's. 

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