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"Suru" versus "yaru"


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Someone once asked me what is the difference between "suru" and "yaru" because in English, they both mean "to do". I think "suru" tends to be used in phrases like "benkyou suru" or "ai suru" or even when ordering at a restaurant "Gohan ni shimasu". It tends to be used in fixed phrases while I notice that "yaru" means simply "to do" or even "to make".

I also think "yaru/yarimasu" tends to be more blunt and direct than "suru/shimasu".

What do you guys think about this usage?



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Personally I think "yaru" is more casual/rude so you would use it with your friends. "Suru" is more formal/"appropriate" for talking with people like teachers, bosses, people from upper class, etc.

I don't really use "yaru" much with nouns. I tend to say "やります” (yarimasu - I'll do it) or ”やってみます” (yattemimasu - I'll try it). Whereas for "suru" I will always use a noun like ”勉強します” (benkyoushimasu - I'll study) or "練習します" (renshuushimasu - I'll practice). If you want to use "yaru" with a noun, I think you always need a particle. But for "suru", sometimes you can leave the particle out.

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Yes I notice this too."Yaru" seems to often appear with the object "wo" particle. I think "suru" is used in fixed phrases like "benkyou suru" while "yaru" seems to  be separate verb all by itself.

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