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The French Dialect from Another Perspective


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I am curious of many foreign languages but I have always found the French language to be so intriguing. Now when I think of the French language, I immediately think of the times with my great grandmother from Louisiana because that’s I first heard French being spoken. I realize that dialect she was speaking was nothing close to the origins of France but it still grabbed my attention. My great grandmother spoke the language so fast and my family would tell it was broken French but it often made me wonder of how the French language has evolved. Is there a wrong or a right way in expressing yourself in such a dialect when it’s been introduced in such an unknown manner? Could I take the way that my great grandmother spoke French to Paris, France and not be persecuted?

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I love how your passion for French stems from your family. That is so sweet. I think the dialect might not translate too well in France because I am assuming that your grandmother spoke French Creole because she was from the Louisiana area.

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