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Least favorite SAT Vocabulary?


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Sometimes the SAT throws words on there that literally are ridiculous in my opinion. One of my least favorite words has to be interlocutor. Most words you can at least GUESS what it might be. "Interlocutor" makes me think something about location, but no. It means "One who takes part in a conversation or oral discussion." Thank you, English language.  :bored:

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I took the SAT a year ago and I hated studying words that I probably would never use in my life. But my least favorite word is "blandish" because I always mix it up with "brandish." "Blandish" means to persuade with flattery. "Brandish" means to wave one's sword before a battle.

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Knowing latin roots helps a lot for english. 

For example: interlocutor (these are from memory, so sorry if they aren't 100% accurate)

inter means between

the locu means speech

tor typically signifies that it is a person or thing that performs the action.

So we have a person who speaks between/to another person

Latin roots help SOOO much with english, but they are not 100% either (because english is fun that way).

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