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Have you taken the online Spanish test at Spanish-test.net?

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I recently discovered an online Spanish test at Spanish-test.net?  http://www.spanish-test.net/

What I like about this Website is that different Latino countries are listed on the appendages with links on where to go to learn their specific type of Spanish.

Also, the test is simple and quick to do.

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This is very useful for me!!  I teach ESL, and we are always talking about the different levels of our students based on the European Framework, and I've always wondered what level I was in Spanish.  Now I have the chance to get a rough estimate.  Does anyone have a sense of how accurate this test is, though? 

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I studied a bit of Spanish 10 years ago, but I've almost forgotten all about it.

I quickly took the Spanish test for level A1 just now at www.spanish-test.net/ and I managed to score 73%. I don't know if that means that the Spanish I studied 10 years ago is actually sitting dormant in my brain, or if it was just luck.

In my opinion, I should have probably scored 10% :P

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