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Need help transcribing a black metal song

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Long story short, there's a black metal song I want to use for my project, but I cannot understand part of the lyrics. The part I'm talking about is missing on any lyrics site as well as in the album booklet. The lyrics are abviously obscured by the vocals plus I'm not a native speaker.

I've tried paying for the transcription - as there are such sites available - but they replied that they won't do it "because there are no lyrics in the sample I provided".

The song is "Disciplines of Caine Zillah and The Crone" by Ancient from "The Cainian Chronicle" album. The missing part is 1:58 - 2:37:

What I was able to make of this by myself and with some help:

Then I discovered 
Newly found realm for powers (?)
Beyond matter
And/Any (?) immortal/mortal (?)
My movements have become
A thousand times
In nightly (?) parlour/sorrow/follow (?)
Strained/Stranded (?) from the Earth (?)
The elements
Were mine to control

Can someone help me with this?

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15 hours ago, Necroscope said:

I just did, here's the result:

Hey, hey, hey.



They slap this AI thing onto any learning algorithm these days.

Oh it helped my friend transcribe a song but it wasn't a black metal song so yeah ;)

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