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I am a beginner in learning French. I came across a grammer issue that frustrated me:

When I want to say ‘I love you’, I may use ‘Je t’aime’ , in which I (Je) become the subject of the sentence. 

When I want to say ‘I miss you’, I found that it is suggested as ‘Tu me manques’, in which you (tu) become the subject. 

why is the difference there? Merci beaucoup!!

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Hello Larb!

Actually, in French we consider that the person is missing for us. When I say "I miss my boyfriend" in French we will say "My boyfriend is missing for me", "my boyfriend is a missing part" so we say: "Tu me manques" (  = Tu manques à moi, c'est toi qui es manquant pour moi)

But when we say "I love you" the subject is "I", because the person that is in love is me so "Je t'aime"

I hope that my answers are clear, do not hesitate to ask me if you have a question about it. Have a good day!

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