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The best way to learn German!


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I'm Caroline and I'm from the UK. I thought this post would be hugely beneficial to those who are struggling to retain their language skills during this time. I have found the best way for me is through virtual classes.

I was actually living in Germany in order to learn and improve my German skills but I sadly had to return home to the UK and I assumed my language learning would be put to a halt. I was learning at DAS Akademie in Berlin and luckily can now continue with the programme as all the classes are now taught online. I realised it is perfect and accessible for anyone who doesn't live in Berlin, and equally enables those who would prefer to stay at home to join in too.

DAS Akademie's ethos is "We make you speak" and so there is a heavy focus on oral interaction as they believe that speaking is the most effective way of learning a language. The classes are taught completely in German, which makes it easier to tune into a new language and conversations become less daunting. I can really see my improvements as having a native teacher correct my mistakes has also allowed my confidence to grow. Additionally, the classes are fun and feel less like a rigid 'lesson'. I have met great people from all different walks of life through these online classes and I highly recommend them!

You can find all information on their website: https://www.online-german-course.com

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