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looking for English language buddy to improve oral english, /NL Chinese/via wechat or facetime etc.


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hi ,now i am doing international business from China for around 10 years and knowing many products ,want to improve oral english ,appreciate some one the english is mother language to talk and practise ,also i could help you to learn chinese. if you are a business man and doing businsee with China i also could help you to got good resources or provide information.also we need to import many things from abroad .

via wechat or facetime ,other could be talked.


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Hi, I'm a native Engish speaker in the USA. I can help you improve your speaking skills. In return you would need to help me with my study of astrology. You would need to obtain data available on the internet. You would then need to create a series of 2 sets of data. One set of data would be the correct data, and the other set would be false data that you created. I could then use astrology in an attempt to guess which data is the correct data. My e-mail is [email protected]  If you are interested, send me an e-mail. Thanks

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Hello, my name is Manuel. I am an engineering student from Spain. My native language is Spanish and I also have a fluent level of English, so you can learn and practice both languages with me. I have been studying Mandarin Chinese for about 4 months and I am looking for a native speaker to have conversations with. If you are interested contact me by e-mail.

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