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Can you explain how to tell the difference between these?

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Hi there! Hallo!

I was recently talking about a friend using the words "Freundin/Freund" when the person I was talking to (who spoke beginner-intermediate level German) thought I was talking about a significant other. I was able to explain what I really meant but I also realized that I did not know the words or expressions to tell the difference between a friend and a lover:huh:.

In English we usually specify the gender only when we are talking about a significant other. As in : girlfriend/boyfriend

But in German the gender is already specified when talking about a casual friend. (Freundin, Freund) 

That is why I got confused:huh::wacko:. I appreciate all the help. Thanks for taking the time to read this! :)

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Hi, "Freundin" means girlfriend. The ending "in" usually refers to a woman, for example: "Lehrerin" - female teacher "Biologin" - female biologist "Freundin" can refer to both, a female friend and girlfriend (as in your partner) "Freund" means friend, again it can be both, a male friend and boyfriend (as in your partner) "Freunde" is plural, so it refers to a group of friends. The group can be of mixed gender. For example: "Meine Freunde sind super" - my friends are great

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