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Want to Learn French?

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Want to learn French, but struggling with where to start?

Or maybe you already have a few months of self-study under your belt, but are running out of motivation to keep going on your own?

I offer 1-on-1 Skype lessons on my website, along with a blog that (while I've just started) is going to be filled with lessons, grammar walkthroughs, and stories about the time I spent living in France. Pricing varies, depending on your preferences vis-à-vis length of session, how many sessions you want, and the frequency. I offer weekly, semi-weekly, and monthly sessions at competitive rates, and as I'm just starting out (online, not tutoring in general, which I have some experience with!) I'm sure we could work out a price that we're both happy with.

My website is: http://www.pardonmyfrancais.com

And the direct link to my page offering Skype lessons: http://www.pardonmyfrancais.com/skype-lessons/

I'm not great at making my website look like a piece of professional artwork, but trust me, I can take your French from level one to level 10!


-Passing score on DELF B2 (Diplome d'Études en Langue Française)

-Two years of university level education in the French language, including history and culture studies, as well as a 3.9 GPA in all related coursework

  •  I've written ten page essays in French, try to stump me!
  • I have plenty of experience tutoring, from my fellow students at university, to people who were just starting out!
  • Everyone tells me I'm very patient and have a true teaching spirit!

I'm just starting my business as a freelance French tutor, and I would really appreciate it if, even if you don't feel like learning French or you're interested in a different language entirely, you would show my site to anyone you know who needs a little bit of French help in their life! Maybe your friend has always wanted to go to Paris? Show my site to them! And remember, French lessons are a great thing to get for that armchair traveler and Francophile in your life!

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