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Learn Spanish through Film - Join our online interactive Spanish class


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¡Hola #Spanishlearners! Love #films and #Spanish? FilmDoo Languages is kicking off #Spanishlessons using interactive films this Tuesday (7:00 pm UK)! Starting at Basic level, we'll use #movies to help take you all the way to #fluency.

SIGN UP & join us!  https://bit.ly/2ZHJL0E

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The course will be hosted by Francisco F Da Silva modern languages teacher and experienced Spanish tutor, and the interactive Spanish language course will be provided by the

Level: Beginner (A1)
Questions in: Spanish
Course taught in: English
Course Duration: about 1 hour (The film itself is 24 minutes long and will have questions throughout that you can answer interactively)

We'll be showing three Spanish films as part of the class, including the award-winning "FATHER" (PADRE) from Argentina.

Synopsis of FATHER:
Day by day, the daughter of an elder military commander takes care of her bedridden father. The dictatorship has come to an end in Argentina, but not in this woman’s life.

Class banner.jpeg

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