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A new tool to help aid your language learning

Matthew Kirkham

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My friend and I (language learning enthusiasts and entrepreneurs) have been working on a project to make immersive language learning engaging and fun!
We've met so many talented people round the world that have experiences to share about their country or city and so many more who wish they could have immersive experiences in their target language at your current language level!

We're building a site to connect language learnings with each-other through events put on by hosts, entirely in the target language! 

Let's say you want to learn Spanish and you are currently at a 'B1' level.

You could go to an 'Empanadas with Pablo' evening whilst in Colombia, Medellin. Whilst having fun, making delicious food and new friends - you'd be truly learning and conversing in the language with other learners just like you. Plus, you're supporting local entrepreneurs, teachers and entertainers! At the end of the evening you'd be issued with a vocabulary sheet, cultural information and other resources from the host!

It takes an estimated 250 hours for a Native English speaker to get to conversational fluency in a romance language..  Why not learn like a native - through social immersion and experiences. 

Sign up (free) at the link below to be one of the first people to experience the new platform.
If you have any questions, queries or suggestions we'd LOVE to hear from you!



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