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What's an intermediate level japanese book or novel I could read?


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I was also looking for intermediate Japanese novels and fellow forum member gegegeno recommended this to me: Read Real Japanese Essays: Contemporary Writings by Popular Authors . I just ordered this book via amazon so I'll let you know if it's worth a read later on. But based on the preview pages on amazon, this books seems to be a good self-study novel.

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Just to provide some feedback for the book I mentioned above... I've read 2 essays (they are more like stories) so far and even though I'm in my 3rd year of Japanese studies, there's still some Kanji/sentence structure/grammar that I don't understand.

But the good thing about this book is they provide a translation of each page (broken down by paragraph and sentences) so you can easily find out what the story is about. It's also a good way to expose yourself to more vocabulary. And there are multiple short stories so you'll get to see various writing styles.

In the end, I think this book is worth it. If anything, I think it'll help me improve my Japanese reading skills (there's also a CD provided if you want someone to read to you). It's a little under $20 so the price isn't too bad. I'm thinking of purchasing the other edition with short-stories after I finish this one.

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My recommendations are anything from Haruki Murakami or the light novels of Studio Ghibli movies.  There are also light novels for popular anime and movies, like No. 6, Another, Mawaru Penguin Drum, and Lous Garous.  You can try Yesasia.com for those. 

I would also say to try English novels translated into Japanese.  One of my favorites has always been Harry Potter in Japanese.  Because I read it in English as a kid, I inherently knew what was happening and could extrapolate what was happening even when the Japanese didn't make complete sense.  That's the same reason I like the Studio Ghibli novels. 

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