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French word you misspell often?


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What French word(s) do you misspell often? For me, I mess up a lot on the accents aigu and grave. Because we don't have accents in English, I'm not even sure if that's considered a misspelling. So, anyway, alot of the words that have an accent on the "a", I get wrong.

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Spelling and pronounciation are one of the most important thing we need to take note when studying French. A little mistake on these two can sometimes be disastrous and embarrassing. Accents are important part of the French language. Failing to put an accent on a word will change its meaning. For example is "a," wihout accent, it refers to the past participle form of the verb avoir in the third person singular. Putting a grave accent on it changes the meaning to the preposition "to."

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