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Common French Words Used in Restaurant


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There's nothing worse than entering a restaurant and not knowing how to order your food. So, I am going to start a list here for French words that are helpful when visiting a French restaurant. Please add words that you find useful too.

1. Manger  =  To eat

2. Je mange  =  I eat

3. Je veux manger  =  I want to eat...

4. Je ne peux pas manger  =  I cannot eat...

5. Je suis  =  I am...

6. Je voudrais  =  I would like...

7. Combien coûte... ?  =  How much does ... cost?

8. Le petit-déjeuner  =  Breakfast

9. Le déjeuner  =  Lunch

10. Le dîner  =  Dinner

11. L'addition?  = The check/bill?

12. Le restaurant  =  The restaurant

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I always find myself blanking a bit when I'm in a French restaurant, this is a great idea to help everyone review some French vocabulary! I'll add some vocabulary for spices.

salt= le sel

pepper= le poivre

sugar= le sucre

oregano= le origan

basil= le basilic

flour= la farine

vinegar= le vinaigre

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