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Appeler un chat un chat

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Yes, "Appeler un chat un chat" doesn't actually makes that much sense when translated literally, but that's usually the case with idioms. You get an idea of what it means though, as this idiom has similar versions in other languages, as well (like you said "to call a spade, a spade").

All of that being said, "Appeler un chat un chat" means to say everything as it is or to be direct.

As for the English version "to call a spade, a spade", I have to confess that this is the first time I hear about it. Well, I actually read about it, but you get the point :tongue:.

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I love this French idiom. Translated, it makes no sense. To call a cat, a cat. But then the English version "to call a spade, a spade" doesn't make any sense either. Which one do you prefer?

Well, in my native language Dutch, we also say "een kat een kat noemen" which is the literal translation. I also knew of the French version because French is my paternal language.

I would prefer the cat version. To me the spade version makes no sense  :wink:

It means, to be straightforward and not to beat about the bush, sort of 'spit it out'!

Yes, saying can be a bit nonsensical at times.

But they do make languages more fun!

Maybe we could have a corner where we explain some of the sayings in our native languages to the world?

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