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TL: Indonesian / NL: Sugbu Bisaya (Philippine minority language)

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Hi! I am just extremely curious about Indonesian because there have been comparisons made between Indonesian and Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines (or at least its standardized form). There are obviously many similarities, but I heard that there are EVEN MORE similarities between Bahasa Indonesian and Bisaya (Sugbuanon/"Cebuano")? But there are no videos or articles about it, because Bisaya is so underrepresented. :( I am so curious! Everybody says Indonesian and Bisaya are so similar. I would love to explore the similarities with a language buddy. Thank you.

I'm also fluent in Tagalog and English!

Please feel free to contact me via open reply or direct message on linguaholic.com. I also have a Facebook account and a Discord account, which I'll provide if we sort out something via private message here.

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