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The other day I was informed there are some verbs that are exceptions in relation to present perfect, that is,
they can not be used or are not very common with this verb tense.

Two examples that were given to me: TO GET and TO KNOW. In the case of the verb TO KNOW, according to what I was informed,
with the meaning of TO KNOW HOW / WHAT or TO KNOW ABOUT SOMETHING... would not be used with the present perfect.
Examples: I didn't know anything about her.
As it doesn't have finalization of time or definite time I always thought that the most correct would be to use the present perfect, that is:
I haven't known anything about her.

On the other hand, with the meaning of KNOWING ANY PERSON, PLACE OR THING could be used with present perfect.
Example: I haven't known all these people so far / I didn´t know all these people so far. Which one is the correct or more common?

Another case, the verb TO GET, what would be the correct way of the following sentence?
Have you got to sell your house? / Did you get to sell your house?

Is this information correct? Thank you very much!!
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