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There is a really neat software called ''Selingua'', it's been around for quite some years now. It's basically a free software that allows you to work on your vocabulary.  It's designed for people learning these languages: English (both American and British), German, Spanish, French and Swedish. 

It comes with several neat activities that will put your language skills to test!  It's actually a very fun way to practice your language and the best of all is the fact this software is 100% free.  This software was created by a woman named Marianne Wartoft.  She has created several educational softwares, all of them are freeware now :) 

If you haven't given this software a try yet, then you should do it now!  By the way, the design of the software might not be the best, but isn't so bad considering this software has been around for very long (I believe this software was created back in 1996!). This software is still worth checking :)

There is a version with columns!  Also useful to work on your vocabulary, plus you can always adjust the difficulty of each software.  You can download this software from here: http://www.wartoft.se/software/selingua/

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This looks pretty cool since it's more than just flash cards. I've tried flash card software before, and I just can't stick with it since it's so boring. With Selingua do you have to input the words you want to learn or does it have preset lists?

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