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Looking for a Spanish Speaking Partner TL: Spanish(Can understand and read very well) NL: English

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Hello! Hola!

I am working on obtaining a Spanish minor at the university I attend. I could really use some help with proper pronunciation of words primarily perfecting my accent. I know a good amount of vocabulary and am proficient in the grammar. I have never had the opportunity to apply my Spanish in conversation and therefore I am not very good at speaking it.

(Yo estoy trabajando para obtener un minor en Español a mi universidad. Yo podría usar un poco ayuda con el pronunciacion apropriado de las palabras. Mi acento necesita mucho ayuda. Yo sé un buen variedad de vocabulario y soy proficiente en la gramatica. Yo nunca tenía la oportunidad para aplicar mi español en conversacion y por lo tanto no estoy proficiente en hablar Español.)

Please let me know if you can help! I can help you learn english at the same time!

(Por favor dime si puede ayudarme! Yo puedo ayudarte aprender ingles al mismo tiempo!)



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Hi John!

I'm Mexican,  maybe i can  help you,  what can see of your translation , you are pretty good at spanish,  and you need help most of all on the grammar part,  spanish is difficult,  Latin Americans tend to change or use the same words for different things which make even for us difficult to understand us,  ask to every latin trying to understand a chilean, they speak so fast! 

I work primary in english, all the business part of my company are on US or  EU, I'm not excellent at english, so, maybe we can help each other here, so,  tell me:

What did you teach and which approach did you take for your students?


Greetings and have wonderful day!



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