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Learning a new language is a challenge and fun. The process can get easier if you know where to begin. In our online events, language instructors and learners share language learning tips and strategies with other students. Please explore their valuable tips that help you to learn a new language.

Language Learner Lounge Series at the Center for Language Excellence at IU

This event is open to both those who are enrolled in a language course and those who are simply interested in learning foreign/second languages. This is an exciting online event for language learners that takes place on bimonthly basis.

Goals of the event: https://cle.indiana.edu/moving-online/online-learning-tips.html

  • to meet peers who have similar interest
  • to share language learning tips and experiences
  • to support and motivate each other
  • to get to know experts in language instruction
  • to form a community of language learners
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