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What languages are spoken in Ringo Starr's "Pax Um Biscum (Peace Be With You)


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I hope this is the correct place to post this question.  Christmas is over, but this holiday season I have been trying to figure out what the lyrics to "Pax Um Biscum (Peace Be With You), the last song on Ringo Starr's Christmas album are.  Most lyrics pages give a very incomplete transcription, and I don't believe there is an official transcription on any copy of the album.

I have done a bunch of searching and listening to the song and I think I now am on the right track.  All the lyrics are "Peace be with you" in different languages.  The question is, which language?  I have figured out a couple, and I will keep trying to figure out the rest, but I am no expert in any language other than English, so I thought I could task the help of some people who are experts.

Here is a like to the song on YouTube, as well as a list of the languages figured out.  I think there is 10 different languages, and the list below lists them in order of appearance in the song, not counting the phrases that are said more than once


1. Latin:  "Pax um biscum" (possibly a corruption of "Pax vobisum")


3. French:  "Que la paix soit avec toi"


5. Spanish:  "La paz sea con vosotros"





10. English "Peace be with you"

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