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Relearning French


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I took about 6 years of French many many years ago, and haven't been exposed to more than basic French since then. I would love to relearn what I knew and even more. Would be so cool to be fluent in French. Can you suggest the best way for me to refresh what I once knew? I always found it easier to read than to understand what others were saying, if that helps in making suggestions.

Thanks for any advice!

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I'm in your boat as well. I took French throughout middle and high school, and have not studied it since then.

To my experience, I've found a combination of iOS app and a full-blown website to help the best. The iOS app in question is called Duolingo, and it's free with no in-app purchases - at least, none I can see. The website is http://apprendre.tv5monde.com/ - it's run by TV5, a global French language cable TV channel, and I found it to be sufficiently challenging, yet triggering my old knowledge back to the forefront.

Hope this helps!

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I'm doing the same thing as both of you! I was in the French Immersion program, a program in Canada where all your courses are taught in French, from kindergarten to grade 12. In grade 12, I would say that my French language skills were pretty good. Now I'm struggling with my French writing and grammar. I've been using the app duolingo, and I bought an intermediate French textbook which I am now completing by myself. I also recommend listening to French media (TV, movies, radio) and try to force yourself to think in French.

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I really would like to join this discussion.

At the moment, I am experiencieng a similar problem. Prior to reading these messages, I wanted to start a thread 'No longer fluent in your native language?!'.

I guess that sums up how I am feeling today. I pretty much grew up as a bilingual Belgian (Dutch speaking mother, and French speaking father), and since I live in Flanders, I received my primary, secondary and tertiary education in Dutch. But, I kept speaking French on a daily basis.

However, I have always been able to speak French on a daily basis up until +/- 2008. I made use of my French proficiency mostly in a professional capacity. Now, there are language laws being enforced in Belgium, which means that in both in Flanders and in Walllony, civil servants are asked/ required/ forced ... to speak either only Dutch or only French (depending on the part of the country you find yourself in), even if the person you are talking to does not speak the language! I think that is so stupid!  :sad:

I have always worked as a social worker and mostly I was able to find some way around this, until these laws were really applied effectively. Then, I was still able to speak French with my dad, but he passed away 4 years ago. I have not spoken French regularly since then. And, today, I am starting to feel the consequences. I find myself to be no longer as fluent as I thought I was. I frequently have to consult grammar books and dictionaries that I did not need before.

I read a lot of French though, whenever I get the chance, but it is not the same as talking or writing myself.

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Good suggestions. I'm going to have to check out that app and the website. I have also thought about getting some children's books in French (since that's really the level I'm at) But I also like the idea of getting a beginning/intermediate workbook to work on myself. I'm going to check on Amazon to see what they've got.


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Why not to try finding some language exchange  partner at Polyglot?  I think that's the best way you can learn and practice a language, by learning I basically mean brush up your french ;)  But it's almost like learning again, but way easier than actually learning something form the start.

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