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1000s of subtitled videos for free

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Hey everyone, new to the forum here.

My name is Mikel and I'm a Spanish developer.

For the last months (more than a year and a half, actually) I've been developing something that I was missing while studying french: a website where I could watch subtitled videos while checking the vocabulary in those videos in real time.

Later I discovered that there were some projects out there very similar, you may know some of them (FluentU, Yabla) but none of them seemed to offer a great catalogue for free and felt a bit outdated. Don't want to be pushy cause probably they have helped many language students, and that's always welcome.

However, for my app I wanted to be extremely focused on creating a great user experience while offering a huge catalogue (now in the thousands) and the simplicity and minimalism as its signature.

So, OK, this is it: Linguaso


Currently 4 languages are covered: English, Spanish, French and Italian. Soon to be added German and Portuguese.

Apart from the videos, the app also includes some challenges and gamification so you feel the immersion.


I'll be working on the dictionary yet for some weeks, by fixing some translations and examples, improving others, adding expressions, idioms, etc. My ultimate goal is to have a "teacher" at hand while watching YouTube videos. Sounds cool, doesn't it?

All feedback is welcome, this is a side-project but I'm taking it very seriously, I want to create something big from this.

Hope you like it.

¡Saludos desde España!


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