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Hello! Hope you are well.

I also want to learn to speak English better and of course, to practice it more and optimize my writing.

I currently live in Valencia, Spain, but I want to go to London to study English, i would like to know if someone could advise me on which university or institution, I can learn more about this language, I would greatly appreciate it.

I want to go to study in this city since I have read that it has a very recognized academic excellence and that the certificates they give are validated and recognized in all countries.

Being a professional with integrity is one of the most important things to me, and that is why I must begin to deepen my learning in English. I want to study marketing and out  of curiosity I have started looking for jobs to know the requeriments they ask for and what  I must face in the future, because companies are always asking as a fundamental requirement to know how to handle the English language.

Seeing the demands of the company with this matter, I firmly decided to make this investment (well, my parents would really make the investment for me) but it is something that I cannot pass up.

I have read about some places that teach English and these have caught my attention: Kings South London, St. Giles London Highgate, Wimbledon School of English, Tti Camden Town and IH London Convent Garden.

If anyone who reads me can give me a brief review or tell their experience about these schools, it would help me alot to make the decision. I would like to leave at the end of the this year (hoping  that this pandemic does not get worse and prevent me from travelling).

Now, tell me how you are learning English, what tools or techniques have helped you to improve the language.

I was playing Duoingo, to learn the basics and some terminations it has helped me a lot, also listening to music in English and translating it, now that I have found this forum to talk with people and practice it has made me too happy.

I have tried to watch television, movies and series in English, but it still costs me a lot, however, I keep trying to get familiar and also train my brain to listen well to what they say, since peolple who speak fluent or native English They tend to speak very fast and to a certain extent, I sometimes ha a hard time understanding what they are saying.

Grateful to those  who can provide me with information abou schools in London.

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