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The reasons why I love eChineselearning?


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I was born in Boston where my mom and dad decided to live their lives.

My mom is Korean and my Dad is a Chinese minority.

Since I was a kid they've been teaching me Korean as my mother tongue(family wise), Its was hard for me to not know how to speak English.

Apparently, everyone around me speaks English so I just learned it without any trouble.

When I was like 18 yrs old, they asked me whether I want to learn Chinese or not, I said YES without considerations, I just thought I should learn the language from my father side, Also I already spoke two different languages at that time when most of my friends only speak one.

So I started learning with a real-life tutor Christina Wang, She's an excellent teacher, thoughtful, and always have this passion with her life to do anything, she taught me more than just Chinese, I learned so many things from her, Such as how Chinese people treat their relationships and their POV of life.

One thing she said to me I could never forget: Tob, you are the artist of your life, you have a history most people don't. So use it, find it in your blood, dig in and turn them into your power.

She was there for my Chinese learning program kept me going on and on for 2 years.
Unfortunately, when I got to high school, I can't move around my time to continually see her for learning Chinese. She told me maybe I could give it a try where she has been co-working with, boom!! eChineselearning show up in my life.

In the beginning, I was totally overwhelmed with how to cope with this Online learning thing, I almost give up twice.

Since I got used to the online learning pattern, it was no longer a difficulty for me.

And eChineseLearning has a lot of great teachers, you can totally choose your class time and their teachers are all around the world!!!!

They have been teaching Chinese Online for 14 years, no matter what level you currently are studying they are completely qualified to teach!

Well, if you are thinking of learning Chinese,eChineseLearning would be the best choice for you!

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That's interesting. I would much rather learn everything on my own, and only use tutors/conversation partners for actual conversation practice. This is because I believe one needs to take responsibility for their own learning - nobody can actually "bestow" knowledge on you. And with languages like Mandarin, there are plenty of excellent free resources available on line. For example, you can learn grammar here, learn reading and listening here, find a really good study plan for the whole language here and find tons of reasonable tutors here (tutors aren't free, of course). But good luck to you, regardless of how you decide to learn.

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