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Please, Can someone correct an english text?


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I wrote an English text for an activity at my school, I would like to know if it is grammatically correct.


Here is the text:


The benefits of speaking a second language.


There are several benefits to learning a second language fluently, not only for entertainment, but also in the professional field. Being bilingual makes a lot of difference academically, the chances of employment are much greater for a bilingual person than for people who speak only one language. 

Speaking another language helps a lot in different situations, many people get interested and motivated to learn a new language because of the better accessibility to foreign entertainment that they will have, being able to watch foreign movies without the subtitles, reading books in another language, playing games without the translation, traveling abroad, etc. In addition to these benefits, speaking a second language can also be a great asset to have a respectable and successful career. 

Language skills can bring you great advantages in the professional field, increasing your chances of hiring and bringing new opportunities. By being able to communicate and interact with different people from different countries, you will be able to negotiate with companies abroad, understand and make contracts from distant places with different languages and even come to work outside the country. All of these benefits help to increase your professional value, helping in a successful career.

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