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Do you also say "cell" to a cell phone or do you always add "phone"?

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This may sound a little strange. I need this information for a pun actually. :D So I drew a cell biologist as a cell (phone?) with a lab coat on. But I guess the pun would only work if in the english language you would call a cell phone a cell as well. I believe I heard stuff like "reach me on my cell" but I just want to make sure.

Would this - admittedly bad pun - work? I will attach my punny picture. 

Thanks for your help! :)

Screenshot (382).png

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I think the word cell is understandable for the most folks in a casual conversation.

However, in a formal situation, I'd use cell phone just to assure the communication.

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Yes, in English, the term "cell" can be slang for a cell phone. So, your pun of drawing a cell biologist as a cell (phone) with a lab coat on would work and be understood by many English speakers, especially those familiar with the colloquial use of "cell" for a cell phone. You can see more interesting and humorous photos here depositphots.com It sounds like a fun and creative idea for a pun! I'm sure it will bring a smile to many faces. Feel free to attach your picture if you'd like further feedback or just to share your creative work! 😊

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