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Translation of the Words Found in Minna No Nihonggo Book


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Next time please post the kanji or it's difficult to translate.

1. 初級 (しょきゅう) elementary level
2. 標準 (ひょうじゅん) level, 問題集 (もんだいしゅう) workbook
3. 文型 (ぶんけい) sentence pattern, 練習帳 (れんしゅうちょう) exercise book
4. 中級 (ちゅうきゅ) intermediate level

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Thank you for your help. I would like to ask you how to correctly translate the word "compassion" into Japanese. The good thing is that I am currently writing several studies and articles on the phenomenon of compassion. I read a lot of useful information at https://samplius.com/free-essay-examples/compassion/ I need to translate this word into Japanese as correctly as possible in order to finish my research.

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