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Frenchman helps revive dying language


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This story is a true inspiration. A native Alaskan language whose last native speaker recently passed away is now being revived by Michael Krauss, a linguistics professor and a 21-year-old Frenchman from Le Havre who had decided at a young age to learn this amazing language and help ensure it's survival.


As a linguist, I can verify that the Eyak language (together with it other distant relatives which are spoken from Alaska and Canada's Pacific Northwest all the way down to the American Southwest) is extremely complex and cannot even be written in the Roman alphabet. Instead, a modified from of international phonetics has to be developed for it.

I say, bravo to Guillaume and his ongoing quest to revive the culture and language of a dying people. The world needs more people like him.

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Thank you for sharing this story.  I too applaud this as both important from an inspirational standpoint as to anyone who undertakes this type of work and from a cultural standpoint to ensure the preservation of languages for future generations.  Great to see those who devote themselves to such worthy pursuits.

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It's amazing what some people can achieve when they dedicate themselves to their cause. It is extremely impressive that there are people who would dedicate themselves to preserving these ancient languages and cultures. it makes me want to learn at least one moribund language to continue the struggle to preserve our ancient world heritage!

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