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Ringotan - learn how to WRITE Japanese Kanji

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I've spent the last few months writing an app for learning how to write Kanji.  I'm making it available for free to early adopters.

Website - Download (Android) - iOS (coming soon)

- Is is free to keep?
If you download it now, yes, you keep the full version for free forever.  However, I plan to make it paid for non-early-adopters later.

- Does it support Textbooks/Wanikani/etc?
Yes, it supports various textbooks, as well as Wanikani (API integration [url=http://www.ringotan.com/newsletter.html]coming soon[/url]).

- Is there an iOS version?
Not yet, but soon! Sign up for the newsletter to be informed when it's released.

Ringotan Phone Screenshot.png

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