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LingLibre, an educational tool to learn language by reading any text you choose

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Learn new languages by reading anything you choose.

This was inspired by other site/projects like the opensource Lwt, the closed source lingq etc...

Here's how it works:

  1. - You import any text you want.
  2. - When you read, there's a built-in dictionary which allows to quickly get its translation. 
  3. - LingLibre marks in the text this word as saved with a particular color. The more you read, the more words appear as 'known'.

There are still more functions as:

  • importing from other software like lwt, exporting to Anki
  • Suggestion of similar words to the words you've already saved
  • integration of Google translate to translate the whole sentence
  • direct import of webpage, PDF, EPUB etc...
  • keyboard shortcuts for very fast reading
  • statistics etc...





This project is opensource: it's free to use and to modify: Any participants are welcomed to use and help coding this project: The main project (source code) is hosted here: 


Any code suggestions, discussions, bug reports should be posted here: https://github.com/gustavklopp/LingL/issues

You can download it (Linux, Windows, Mac) here: https://github.com/gustavklopp/LingL/releases


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