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Free Online Ressource for learn a language more effectively

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Hey friendly people on linguaholic :)! I'd like to recommend a class from a good friend of mine (Robin).

I watched a Robins course about learning a language in a very efficient manner and it helped me a lot in my language learning journey. So I hope that could be valuable for any person in linguaholic who wants to learn a new language very efficiently and save some time.
It's not that long (about 40 minutes) and teaches you some really good ideas for learning a language more effectively. He gave me this link: https://skl.sh/3kRaFy6. So I can recommend Robin's course, he is a cool person. The project is a bit difficult though ^^
Do you know of any other good courses on udemy or skillshare? I would love to explore more content like the one I mentioned.

p.s. You will get 30 days for free instead of only 7 days :)
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