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What's the difference between loneliness and solitude?


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I saw the great and beautiful movie "Badlands". In some part of it Hollie, one of the two main characters said that they lived neither here or there. That they were all alone. Then Kit, the other main character, replies (at least, that's implied in the voice-over by Hollie) that solitude would be a better word. But why? What's the difference between these words? Between loneliness and solitude?


In Dutch there is only one word: eenzaamheid.

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Loneliness and solitude are two different feelings.

Loneliness is when you feel sad and disconnected because you're alone and miss being with others. It can make you feel unhappy.

Solitude is when you choose to be alone and it doesn't make you sad. You might like being alone sometimes to relax, think, or just enjoy your own company.

In short, loneliness is the feeling of sadness when you're alone, while solitude is being alone by choice and feeling fine about it.

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