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Ancient Greek quote


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So there's a quote from the TV show Fringe that goes something like this:


Any Greek speakers that can translate this? I'm just curious if the show-makers got it right, the English translation should be:

Be a better Man than your Father.

It's one of my favorite quotes and it isn't even in a language I speak... :)

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It is actually more like :

"Gine Kaliteros Anthropos Apo Ton Patera Sou"

For reference, this line has influence from Homer's Iliad, Book 6, where Hector prays to the gods that his son will grow to be a powerful and strong leader of Troy, and when he comes back from war, others will say that he was a better man than his father, making his mother proud.

Ι am very proud that you liked it, it is one of my favorites ,too!

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