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Professor Arguelles reviews of language learning courses.


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Has anyone come across this series by Professor Arguelles before?

He goes through a number of different courses (Teach yourself, Assimil, Hugo, Berlitz etc) and compares them all, both older and modern versions. I think this is a very good place to look before you consider investing in self-teaching manual as there are so many inferior ones out there, as he explains. I just thought this would be of interest to many people here.

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Very interesting, I wonder what he has to say about the Pimsleur couses, lol.  I bet nothing good, since it seems everyone out there seems to hate the Pimsleur approach, which is weird for me because I really like that approach.  I admit isn't for everyone tho, but isn't bad at all if you're trying to get to speak the language fast (forget about grammar rules and spelling for a moment!).

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