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What languages are mutually intelligable with Gaeilge


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I know there are quite a few Celtic languages out there so I was wondering what one are mutually intelligible with Gaeilge. Welsh and Cornish are their own branch so I'm assuming that there will be minimal intelligibility with those, what what about Gaelic as spoken in the Scottish highland and Manx Gaelic?

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Well the other two Goidelic languages (Gaidhlig and Manx or Gaelg) are definitely the closest to Gaeilge. I heard from Gaelic-speaking Irish friends that reading Scots Gaelic is not too difficult and Manx with its English-like orthography becomes easier when you pretend that you're basically reading Gaelic written by an English hand.

Spoken Scots Gaelic is harder to understand and there are some interesting changes in accent and phonology that initially make the language hard to follow for Irish Gaelic speakers.

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